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 Shadow The Hedgehog Test Results

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EHA Admin
EHA Admin

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PostSubject: Shadow The Hedgehog Test Results   6/27/2010, 4:05 am

Very good you are outstanding duelist and you know what your doing and you qualify for the tester position and that is what you want to be so congrats you made the testers POSITION...

Go ahead and critisize me, but remember, I only have one FEAR, and that is SHY...So stop being SHY and duel...

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Shadow The Hedgehog
EHA Tester
EHA Tester

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow The Hedgehog Test Results   6/27/2010, 4:12 am

thanks XP I'll start making my room Razz *lolz*
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Shadow The Hedgehog Test Results
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