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 Ehero LIVE! 50 Credit Prize.

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EHA Admin

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PostSubject: Ehero LIVE! 50 Credit Prize.   6/27/2010, 11:05 pm

Ham: donners2 Pass: 1234


No Exodia
No Burn
No Stall
No OTK/FTK (as of Ehero LIVE! 2)
Match format.

Well, good luck and have fun. If this is a success it will be recurring nightly.

Suggestions appreciated (send via PM)

1st: ChippZ: 50 cred, auto Sparkman Yellow.
2nd: Darknightnero: 25 cred
3rd: Donners: 10 cred
4th: PapaChris: 5 cred

Previous Winners:
Ehero LIVE! 1: ChippZ


Head of Avian Green

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Ehero LIVE! 50 Credit Prize.
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